Marcelle Alix Marcelle Alix


Liz Magor

09.09.2016 - 29.10.2016

It's a pleasure to spend two months dwelling by the quiet force of objects that do not impose their presence on us. Liz Magor's wall sculptures are delicate companions that teach us something every day about how we relate to the Other, whether human or not, animate or inanimate. Rather than telling us off, they guide us towards a symbiotic relationship along which old cardboard boxes and plastic bags affirm life within an entropic system; where the familiar, in the hands of the artist, unveils its regenerative potential, its infinite strength. The personal exhibition of Liz Magor that is ending this week at the Musée d'Art Contemporain in Montreal was entitled Habitude. There is no fatigue in the habits that Liz and the gallery?s artists approach here with us, these are bewitching rituals that dare to reach for the others by an accumulation and juxtaposition of points of view that make this place a home to our chosen family.